A Yellow Labrador Retriever Can Be a Great Family Dog

We love yellow labs! If you’re among those people who has a yellow Labrador Retriever, you can say probably say with pride that your pet has been noticed not just for its lovely looks but also its friendly, gentle and loving demeanor. The case may hold true for black Labradors, too.

Labrador Retrievers, regardless of their color, can be great family dogs. They’re versatile and fun-loving, and have thick, dense coat and build that makes them take quickly to swimming and running. They’re ideal companions for outdoor-loving individuals. As with most dogs, though, it may take a while for a Labrador to warm up to visitors and agree to be petted by them, but with their masters, they can be quite affectionate and require constant loving attention.
Labrador pups can be great around kids. There may be times when the pooches become hyperactive, especially when they begin to get bored, but they will not likely bite a member of the household. If you have a high-energy dog like the Lab, be prepared to provide it all the nourishment it needs. Black, as well as yellow Labrador Retrievers, can eat and eat, so keep a close watch on what you feed them so as not to make them grow overweight or obese, which can lead to a handful of health problems. Refrain from feeding your canine pal empty calories.
The best foods to give your Labrador is a balanced home-cooked meal or all-natural doggie chow with adequate nutrients suited for a large, active dog. Some dogs may turn their noses up when given nutritious food, especially if they’ve become used to generic brands of commercial dog chow. You can make your pet adapt by gradually introducing the healthier food. There are premium brands of all-natural pet food in the market, and among the good choices are the chicken meal and lamb meal.

Labradors are prone to certain conditions, like eye infection and elbow & hip dysplasia. Health issues can be properly addressed by consulting a veterinarian. Proper grooming is likewise very essential. If you have a yellow Lab, you may have noted that the pooch may balk at having its paws touched or nails trimmed, in which case you may let a professional groomer handle these grooming tasks. Any dog can have health conditions and as a result we recommend trupanion express pet insurance. We have found it to be the best and most straight forward insurance.

A yellow lab puppy may be low maintenance compared to other dogs, and as a pet parent, you can handle the brushing of your dog’s coat using a slicker brush to decrease shedding and keep your doggie’s hair coat healthier looking.
Personally grooming your pet will also give you the opportunity to check the skin condition of your furry friend. Apart from proper grooming, giving healthy foods to your Lab pups, like those with fish oil or sunflower seed oil, can lead to a healthy and shiny coat. Consult your veterinarian on other foods laden with nutrients that can benefit your pup.
Note that a yellow Labrador Retriever may tend to be prone to acute moist dermatitis, more so if grooming is neglected. Your dog’s frequent scratching and licking in a single spot can produce what’s called a hot spot in the form of red spots on the skin, in which case prompt veterinary treatment is needed.

Why Do Black Labs Make Good Dogs?

Black Labradors can do many amazing things you will love. They make good guards and are very careful about strangers. With a hanging tongue and wagging tail, they run to strangers unlike other breeds; they are among the most intelligent breeds.
Because of their high intelligence, black labs can learn commands easily without the need to repeat instructions a couple of times.

If you need an active dog for your home, black labs are some of the best. Let’s say you need some motivation for a work out; black labs will raise your moods for a workout. They hate sitting down in the house the whole day! Moreover, they easily get bored hence you find them looking for something to engage themselves in if they are idle, to release their energy. Funny enough, if you don’t engage black labs in an activity they will cause trouble in the house as a result of boredom.

Physical Appearance of Black Labs
Black Labradors are spotlessly black in color; matured Labs are about 2 feet tall and between 55-75 pounds. Females fall on the lighter part of the spectrum and have short hair. Once you have one in your home, it is recommended that they are groomed to avoid littering your floor with hair. They have big heads which are equivalent to their bodies. Additionally, their webbed feet make them good swimmers.

Why Do Black Labs Make Good Dogs?
• Alert and Receptive
Due to their nature of hunting, black labs are always alert in case of emergencies. They are willing to act on any emerging activity.

• Training is Effortless
Although they are intelligent, black labs need a leader. They are great learners who pay attention to any instruction. What they only need is proper training, they give you excellent pets.

• Kind and Self-sacrificing
You can rely on black labs since they can help in any cruel situation. They make good helpers at home in case of danger.

• Security Concern
Black lab has an incredible nose for the safety; they can handle cases such as food poisoning since they can smell any products that are not good for consumption. The reason why they are mostly used by the government security institutions to detect imported goods.

Health of Black Labs
They are healthy and who does not want a healthy pet? The only health condition that they are likely to experience is knee and hip dysplasia and eye issues which are all common in dogs.

• Friendly With Kids
The breed is very friendly to children; with correct training and socialization, they get along well with the kids. They are good players, energized and fun out-of-doors for them is irresistible. This though does not mean you can leave your children alone with the dog.

• Cleaning Them is Easy
Due to their short double coat, they keep warm all through, and this also helps them from getting wet. It is natural and essential to keep them clean always due to their immense activities like rolling on dirt. They just need an excellent brushing once a month, and there you are!

In the case of dysplasia and other health concerns, you need to talk to a health expert involved with dogs as this may make their movement complicated and may require surgery. Eye problems may also lead to blindness; it is prudent to choose a black lab from a reliable breeder as this will curb health risks. Black labs are the best dog pet for your home!